artist's info 
My full name is jodie marie Anne Richardson Traugott. 

I use all my initials, jmaRT AND/OR MY STAR TATTOO to sign my work. 

I paint portraits of people or pets, reproductions of Master's works, murals and 
my own original artwork.

As well, I create fabric art, and photography.

this website is part of my portfolio. 
Most of my artwork is commissioned 
and therefore a lot of what you see on this site will not be for sale. 
But, I do think the ability to see a body of work better enables you to make a decision regarding the purchase of something for yourself.

I consider myself a Renaissance woman with my hand in many disciplines and a love for all artistic ways and means.
Because of that, my work is all over the style, medium and intent. I look at that as a strength, not a weakness! 

Most of my work is available as prints from my FAA/Pixel website linked here...

To commission an art piece or to purchase an original from this website, 
please contact me through my email address

None of my pictures or texts may be used or published 
without my explicit written permission.
All the artwork is copyrighted.